Building the Future of Haiti

One Vision Haiti

One Vision Haiti is home to 74 of God’s most beautiful sons and daughters. While orphaned by life circumstances and the hardships in Haiti, they are radiant in His eyes, and it is our great honor to do life with them. We believe in orphan care that not only meets the physical needs of a child, but invites each of them into a lifetime of wholeness–mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. It is an investment worthwhile, but one only made possible through partners like you.

Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth—everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.

Isaiah 43:6-7


Orphanage & Schools

On the grounds of One Vision Haiti is the orphanage and two school buildings–for primary and secondary (high school) education. It is our desire that our kids are able to receive a full education, learning reading, writing, arithmetic, and language skills. Even more, it is anticipated that the secondary school will grow into technical classes, teaching skills like sewing, carpentry, nursing, and computer science. These skills will help our older kids transition into the Haitian culture, being able to effectively take care of themselves as well as the possibility of their own future families.


Our Mission

Even in the brokenness of this world, we desire to live in the fullness of Christ. For every child and staff member at One Vision to have the opportunity to choose Jesus for themselves and to walk in the fullness of this inheritance. We speak and declare His words in Isaiah 43 over all of our One Vision family, “Do not be afraid, I know you by name…you are mine.”


Be Involved

In 2008, the Lord brought Katelyn’s Fund, an orphan care ministry from Sioux Center, IA, to support One Vision Haiti. The support needed is wide spread–food and clean water, medical expenses, staff salaries, educational expenses, property maintenance, and much more. These needs make up One Vision’s $20,000 monthly operating budget.

Romans 12 tells us to live in humble service as the body of Christ, each doing the part he is able to do. Learn how you can join Katelyn’s Fund in caring for the orphan by following the links below.

News & Updates

This year, Haiti [and particularly our area of Thoman where the orphanage is located] has been experiencing violent protest in a fight against governmental corruption. Unfortunately, this challenging situation has not allowed our kids to attend school; a few teachers were able to come last month, but only to work with the elementary students. This is only one of the many ways we are being impacted. We continue to pray that resolution and restoration come to our country, as well as ask our sponsors and the Katelyn’s Fund board members and teams to join us in this prayer for God to intervene with His peace and His justice.

Throughout this past year, the One Vision Orphanage, through your generous gifts and monthly donations, was able to feed 73 kids by proper diet, provide schooling with a strong curriculum as well as a spiritual education, make sure every child was in good health, and [perhaps most important] love them and cover them with a whole lot of prayer.

Also during this year, the One Vision Orphanage received 12 new little ones within desperate medical needs and severe malnourishment. With your generous support, we were able to surround them with a healthy diet, physical therapy, the right medication, appropriate care givers, and a family. We are so happy to share that each of them has made a full recovery! We give all the glory to God. A few others who were brought to our doors were too sick to be cared for at the Orphanage, but again with your support and generous donation, we were able to cover all the costs necessary to bring them to a good health care facility where they could receive the services they needed.

Francisco Noel, Director of Operations – One Vision Orphanage