August Update: Earthquake Update

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we  will not fear, though the earth gives way and the mountains fall into the heart of  the sea.

Psalm 46:1-2 

A magnitude 7.2 hit Haiti in the morning of Saturday, August 14th. There are many victims,  especially in the south side of the country. Many buildings collapsed or suffered with major damage, and many people are killed in the southwestern of Haiti. Actually, many people are in need and they have been waiting for others’ help (foods, water, shelter, etc.) People had asked if One Vision could support the victims, even the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (Haiti) had written us about this subject.  

We feel concern about what’s happening to the people in the South, but we have to focus on our children, and what we have been working on: the construction of the school. So, we still can’t give any answer for their requests. 

Speaking of construction, things are improving. The basements and the walls are already  finished, we only have to work on the roofing, which will start this week end, and the windows.  Having this school with a primary and a secondary section is such a great thing for us. It will be  a complete school that will allow new students to enroll in any classes, and this will consider as  an asset for our children who will be able to receive good Education, as mentioned in our  mission. This masterpiece will change everything. Our goal for the school to be independent after two years will be achieved.  

This was possible thanks to the generosity of Katelyn’s Fund and their partners. How blessed we are to have them in the One Vision family.

What’s more, our children are doing well. They, at first, felt anxious, they were even traumatized  due to their past experiences with the last big earthquake. The earthquake of August 14 reminded them what happened on the day of January 12, 2010. After assuring them that anything can’t happen to them as God will always protect them, they are feeling safe again. They also know that they don’t really have to worry about the damage that could happen in the orphanage because our constructions are resistant to earthquake. Since the last terrible earthquake in 2010, we built the basement of our houses as strong as we can. 

Our children are actually preparing for the new school year that will begin on September 6th, and  everything is ready thanks to Katelyn’s Funds.  

We thank GOD for having protected us against this earthquake. 

We are blessed to be safe. 

We thank YOU on behalf of Katelyn’s Funds for having sent everything for the kids to be ready  for the new school year. 

We thank YOU for your assistance and help on the building of the school. We would like you to pray for us. 

Please pray for Haiti, especially for those who have been victims from this earthquake. We  believe that even if we can’t visit them from where they are, our prayers will go further than that.  Our prayer is a way for us to show our compassion and love to them. 

May God be with them.

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