June Update: One Vision

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” Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has
done. ”

Psalm 105:1

After a school year with many troubles, our students and school employees are on vacation. We thank God for having made this school year a successful one for our children, and we also thank you (Katelyn’s Fund, churches and sponsors) for having always been there for us.  

Besides, during the month of June, we have welcomed a new nurse called Nagela Clerzias. She is a spiritual woman who trusts God. She seems to love the children, and takes cares care of them with great passion. She likes her work. Our former nurse, Stéphania Val, really wanted to become a police officer to serve her country. Unfortunately, she had to leave us in order to pursue her dream of becoming a police officer. She’s now at the police academy. We wish her a  good luck! And we welcome our new nurse, Nagela. 

What’s more, we had many plans for the vacation such as, continuing with the sewing project, and going to the beach with the kids.  

However, due to what’s going on in the country right now, we won’t be able to go to the beach with the kids. The insecurities are growing up; gangs are fighting and killing people on the south side of the country and the town of Port-Au-Prince. They robbed many banks and and many stores including the store we used to go buy food for our children (Marché Ti Tony). Now, it’s difficult for us to have gas for cars if we need to go buy something outside or go somewhere.  That’s the reason why it can be difficult to bring all the children to enjoy at the beach, so everything will be done at the orphanage.  

On the other hand, we will continue with the sewing project. This summer, we want our children to practice more so to really increase their level in this area.  

Thus, these troubles are making us change every plan that we made for this summer. We also have to plan for at least two months. The way we see things that may happen we don’t have the possibility to go outside to provide food for our children and money for our employees. We feel worried about the next days, and we need to be ready for that. Our priority is the well-being of our children. 

Our request is to have money to: 

✔ Purchase food two months for the children. 

✔ Having funds ready to pay our employees, so we won’t have to take risks to go to the bank for the next two months.

✔ Purchase fabrics for the kids to practice more in order to continue with the sewing  project. 

We also request your prayer for the country. Because things are getting worse every day, and we can’t stand the fact that we can’t be safe in our own country. What about the future of our children? We are really concerned about that. 

We also believe in the goodness of God, and we know with him everything is possible. He sees the future, and knows what will happen. 

So please, continue to pray for us. We count on you.  

Your consistent help and prayers mean a lot to us. 

May God bless you for your generosity.

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