October Update: God’s faithfulness through all

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Now we thank you, our God, and praise your glorious name.

1 Chronicles 29:13

After a school year with different kinds of problems, we are finally at the end. Some of our children went to the State Examination last week; we hope that all of them will succeed. We had faced many troubles during the last school year, but God has always been there for us, and we had YOU who kept praying for our children and helping us. We are grateful to you. 

Now, we have a month of vacation before the beginning of the school year 2020-2021. 

So, to be ready for the new school year, many things need to be done and bought: 

  • New benches to add to the old ones to welcome the students, especially the new ones.
  • New Uniforms for our children.
  • New books and school materials.
  • We also intend to build a new room for a new class (NS3), or find a short-term solution for the new class to save the school year.
  • We plan to have a training session with all the teachers at Wahoo.

Furthermore, we have a new budget for our employees, due to the decrease of the exchange rate of the US dollar in the country. The current rate affects our budget, and it has become difficult for us to pay the secondary teachers and our employees at the Orphanage because of the value of what our administration and the staff will have after changing their income into Gourdes (our currency). We are trying to find a way to resolve that, because the employees are complaining about this unexpected change.     

Above all, for this moment, we are in mourning because there is one of our employees (Roudy Dorestant) who passed away after spending few days in hospital. This is sad news for us. His funeral will occur this Thursday or Friday, and his family would like One Vision to help them prepare everything for the funeral. We think this is the least that we can do, and want to answer their request regarding that. Roudy was the leader of the family and was the one who used to raise his family and provide them everything. He was all for them, now he is no longer here it’s a great pain and loss for his family.

Thus, our request is about the new school year: we would like to have funds for the school project, to purchase the materials on the list above. It’s also necessary to have money to help the family of  Roudy, a former 5-year employee, to prepare his funeral.  

The last school year was possible thanks to your consistent help and prayer.

Please, continue to pray for us, especially our children.

We also request your praise and prayer for Job, a tireless employee at One Vision, who keeps showing commitment and love to his work by always being there for our students.

Job was even one of the supervisors of the district. He did very great job, and we are so proud of him.

As the vacation will last only one month, we expect to start preparing everything during the vacation.

We thank you in advance on behalf of Katelyn’s funds

Thank you so much our beloved family and friends.

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