August Update: Reopening

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X

August 10th , 2020 is the date when the children are back to school. After a long time of virtual learning due to the Coronavirus, students will finally be back to their classrooms. This is good news for the teachers and the students at One Vision. This reopening will be a continuation of the
academic year 2019-2020, and students will have to go to school from August to October to close the academic year. (It’s not a new academic year)

As a matter of fact, the students were very anxious because they thought it would be impossible to finish the school year due to the Covid-19. Thanks to God, things are improving and we are all ready to continue and have the students go back to their regular classrooms. Now, the children
are so excited to return to school.

Diverse measures have been implemented to prevent the spread of the virus inside of the school:

1- Hygiene kits were provided to the school.
2- Once inside, everyone should wear a mask.
3- Teachers and students should wash their hands (as often as they can).
4- Buckets of water and soap are available in the front yard for everyone to wash their hands. 5- Different meetings have been done with the school board, for the teachers to be aware of  the new policies established to prevent the spread of the virus, and to discuss on the  change of the curriculum. 

Furthermore, we had a party to celebrate the birthday of the following kids for the month of June: Delva woodens(June 22, 2004), Simélus Jhon Peter (June 11, 2002), Monor Isaac (June  27,2008), Claudima Brevendi (June 10,2009) , André Moïse (June 21, 2006), Jean-Baptiste Elize  (June 5, 2004), Rosaire Isna (June 10, 2002). 

Please join us on wishing them a happy belated birthday, and pray for them to grow in every  area.  

We went to the beach with all the children as a way to relax before the reopening of the school. It  was a wonderful moment for everyone, especially the children, to enjoy themselves and have fun  together.  

All this couldn’t happen without your consistent help. We thank you so much on behalf of  KATELYN’S FUND. Thank you for having replied to our request to purchase hygiene kits for  the children to protect them against the virus. We appreciate your help and your love for our  children.  

Please continue to pray for us. Our children are always safe thanks to God. Pray for the children to be more intelligent, so they can learn to be a better person in the future. Pray for the teachers to be a good guider and be patient with the children. 

We trust in God. We know that he is our shelter. 

Thanks in advance for your prayer.

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