July Update: Safety

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“For the Lord will not reject his people; he will never forsake his inheritance.”

Psalm 94:14

Since last Monday, we have been undergoing hard time at One Vision. This
problem is about our property, which is our land. Ten years ago, we raised funds to be able to enclosure the land. Unfortunately, only a quarter of the land could fence, as we managed the money so to have enough to build the primary school and the orphanage.

When it comes to property in Haiti, it’s sometimes changed into political affair. Once the authorities of the district reach the end of their term, they use free lands (lands without any fences) as weapons to win a new mandate. They give the population the right to invade other’s lands pretending that the lands were promised. When the lands belong to a non-profit organization, some people think the organization owes them everything (Job, Hospital, Education, and so on…).
So, if the lands are without any fences they can take it on their guise.

As a matter of fact, we own 5 acres of space. We fenced off only one quarter of the property, but the other three quarters are free with no fences. That makes us in trouble with a group of people. They have invaded a part of our land. Even though we had called the justice of the peace and the police to resolve this problem, it had been difficult to stop them. They ran away, so the police couldn’t find anyone to arrest. The big problem is because they have the support of one of the authorities, who has problem with us since we declined his application to be the director of our school. We are also afraid to destroy the base of the house, for our safety. The land is ours, but we can’t take it by force because the population can decide to react against us. And, if something like that happens, it will be a danger for the children. They can burn the orphanage, throw rocks on our buildings, etc.

Thus, it became an emergency to resolve this problem. We need to:

Enclose the majority of our property.
Surround the orphanage fences with barbs wire to prevent anyone from
jumping over the orphanage fences to look inside the orphanage or enter.
(Long ago one of our children jumped over the fences and left the

Those are our priorities for now, and we really need your financial help to realize that.

The children have to feel safe inside the orphanage. Even if we can’t enclose the fences for now, it is really necessary to have the barbs wire as soon as possible.

We also need your spiritual help.

Please pray for the safety of our children, and our community.

We are willing to fight for our children to feel safe.

We believe in God’s protection.

We count on you, our beloved family.

We thank you in advance for your consistent help.

Dr Francisco Noel, One Vision Haiti.

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