What’s it like being back in school?

How does the longer break affect the school year and the kids’ progress?

The long break has affected our educational program towards the kids, but if we look on the bright side the children are more motivated than usual. They were eager to join school and learn. The teachers have taken advantage of that eagerness, to make the kids work harder than they used to.

What have the kids enjoyed the most about being back in school?

The children are happy to see their friends and classmates again after a long, unexpected break. The staff is also happy to have the children go to school without any trouble. For us, this is the best thing that can happen.

Have there been specific challenges after being away for a longer period of time?

As the kids have lost almost three months of school, it is somehow difficult for the teachers to continue with the program. To deal with that problem, the teachers have decided to make them work more hours and more days a week. We also have special classes on the weekend for those who require more supervision and help.

How have you seen God working even in the midst of these challenges?

“JOYFUL.” This is how we can describe the feeling of the kids getting back to school.

We are building new bathrooms outside of the dormitories for the forty new kids who came from the neighborhood to be in our school. This is a way to prevent the other kids from getting inside the One Vision dormitories without permission. This way, the dormitories can stay clean.

We feel blessed to see how our kids are enjoying school. We thank GOD for having given intelligence to our kids.

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