February Update: A month of new challenges and blessings

Hi friends! We’re back with another update from Haiti. These monthly updates are written by Francisco, One Vision Orphanage Director & President. We hope you are encouraged by how God is moving. Please join us in prayer for the things Francisco shares in this post.

Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.

–Maria Montessori

“JOYFUL.” This is how we can describe the feeling of the kids getting back to school.

The children are happy to see their friends and classmates again after a long, unexpected break. The staff is also happy to have the children go to school without any trouble. For us, this is the best thing that can happen.

However, as the kids have lost almost three months of school, it is somehow difficult for the teachers to continue with the program.

To deal with that problem, the teachers have decided to make them work more hours and more days a week. We also have special classes on the weekend for those who require more supervision and help. The long break has affected our educational program towards the kids, but if we look on the bright side the children are more motivated than usual. They were eager to join school and learn. The teachers have taken advantage of that eagerness, to make the kids work harder than they used to.

What’s more, we are building new bathrooms outside of the dormitories for the forty new kids who came from the neighborhood to be in our school. This is a way to prevent the other kids from getting inside the One Vision dormitories without permission. This way, the dormitories can stay clean. We feel blessed to see how our kids are enjoying school. We thank GOD for having given intelligence to our kids.

Tribute to fifteen kids killed by fire at an orphanage in Fermathe.

As Matthew 19:14 says, “Allow the little children, and don’t forbid them to come to me; for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to ones like them”. We pray God to accept them in his kingdom. We require continuous prayers from you. The orphans in Haiti need better places to live; they need people to take care of them as well.

Our biggest desire at One Vision is for our kids to have good relationship with Jesus. They should know how great our God is and be grateful to him. Their education also has to be spiritual. They learn about God by reading the Bible consistently and going to church. It is a blessing to have these lovely kids, willing to learn and pray to God no matter what.

We require your prayers for the country to remain stable, for our teachers to be more effective, and our students to succeed and stay motivated to learn.

We also require your help with our computer lab project. This computer lab will be a good place for our kids to practice, so that they can learn more. We are ready to have your financial help to make that dream come true, and you can pray for us. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD.

THANK YOU so much for your precious help. THANK YOU God for your blessings.

THANK YOU Katelyn’s Fund for having given us this month’s medical supplies which helps the kids from the community, our kids, and our teachers. The health of our kids is really important for us. That’s the reason why we would like to have more help with the medical issues every month.

We THANK YOU beforehand for your continuous help. Keep on praying for us and our kids.

Hats off to Noel Job, the employee of the month.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

–William Arthur Ward

Born on May 17, 1991, Noel Job is a respectful and serious manager, and a good teacher at One Vision. He came from Gonaives, a town in Haiti.

Job has grown up in a Christian family. Since his birth he has accepted Jesus as his only Savior and God. He works every day to always have the Holy Spirit and be an example to others through his way of life.

He has been working at One Vision School since October 2019 as the Administrative Director. According to him, working at One Vision is a blessing and a great opportunity for him to be part of a fantastic family. Being at One Vision is like being at home.

Job said, “I have been amazed by the sense of sharing and the love of giving that drive the leaders of the organization. I am happy to be part of this big family. As the Bible said, ‘A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’ (John 13:34-35) I live the love of God through One Vision.”

At One Vision, we consider him as a hard-working director. We are so proud to have him in the family.

One Vision: A home for forsaken kids.

Whoever receives one such little child in my name, receives me.

–Mark 9:37a

From September to February, we have welcomed new kids in our orphanage: Djerry Saint-Fleur (2 years old), Kednaël Joanes Joseph (5 years old), Fanelson Duversaint (3 years old), Yselanda Duversaint (2 years old), Lexiné Lovensky (5 years old), Pierre Milien, and Sarius Milienne.

Those new kids came from different places and have different backgrounds.

One of them, Djerry Saint-Fleur, has a mother but he does not know his father. His mother could not afford to raise him. She did not even have a place to live; they used to sleep in a garage at night. After many days out, they found a place where people living there could not support when the baby is crying. So, they resigned themselves, and moved out without any destination. As she heard about One Vision, and what we have done in the community, she decided to give us the baby. She cried a lot due to her inability to raise Jerry. She begged us to accept him. She said whether we took him or not, I would throw him in front of the gate. So, although the lack of places we are facing at the orphanage, we accepted to take him. The other children don’t have parents or are in the same situation as Djerry. They were sent to One Vision to have a better life. We feel blessed to have them in the family and are so excited to welcome them in their new house.

After being at One Vision, you can see how quick they have changed physically.  However, we need more help and prayer. If we accept them in our orphanage, it is our responsibility to feed them, give them love, take care of them, and make them live again.

Actually, some of our kids are very sick. They caught an epidemic of diarrhea. We require your prayers for those kids who have been sick. We really need your financial help to afford their medical care.

More kids require more management, more food, more medical care, and more education.

We thank GOD for his compassion. We thank YOU for having been with us since the beginning. Thank you Katelyn’s Fund for never giving up on us. Thank you for your prayers and your financial help.

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